Saturday, June 25, 2011


Sorry we haven't updated you for a while... it's all my (Lily) fault. 
Last week it was raining and so we had to improvise with entertaining our selves inside.  As you can see here there is a battle ship war going on... the ammo being wadded up paper... totally fun!  :)

I want to let you know there is going to be a couple changes with the youth group, and a couple of these changed have already taken place.  We want to apologize for such abrupt change with out much notice, we are going to be having a parent meeting after church next Sunday the 3rd of July to get some of your feed back.   Youth Group has been moved up to 6:00pm, and is now ending at 8:30.  We are going to involve the youth more in the service, and basically allow them to put it on, that way they can be a big part in learning how to serve here in their own local church.  TJ along with Steve Page will both be teaching every other month, and will be providing a discussion time.  Afterward we are going to be playing some games and hanging out together.  See you all tonight at 6:00  :)